Escentric Molecule
Escentric Molecule

The Escentric fragrance focuses on an exceptional scent molecule and the other ingredients in the formula are chosen to enhance this scent molecule, amplifying its key qualities. Molecule fragrance takes a radically minimalist approach. It contains no scent other than the scent molecule, pure and singular.

Escentric Molecule
Escentric Molecule

Taking a minimalist approach, it focuses on a number of exceptional scent molecules, some unknown in nature and others from nature.

When perfumer Geza Schoen first smelt Iso E Super in isolation, something clicked. “I realised that the common denominator in all the fragrances I liked was that they contained a large dose of it. Iso E Super is highly unusual. You can never get enough of it. One sniff and you want the whole bottle. It’s like a drug.”

Schoen began to experiment, creating fragrances that contained Iso E Super in unheard-of proportions. One night he went further. Heading out for a drink with a friend, he suggested they spritz on nothing but the aroma-molecule itself.

Escentric Molecules

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