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Unisex´s fragrances and perfumes: the exclusive stamp of your personality

There is no doubt that today the perfumes unisex has become that essential complement, the one that is responsible for giving the final touch to a look, leaving both a pleasant feeling and an identifying stamp on anyone who feels it near you.

Perfumes are able to make us feel unique and leave in others an aromatic memory that makes us unforgettable, but it is true that the variety is so wide and there are so many fragrances that we can find in the market that finding the ideal perfume is complicated.

If we go a step further into the world of aromas, specifically in the world of signature perfumes, do you already know the niche perfumes unisex and what are the secrets that make them true luxury products?

At Isolée, we have set out to help you find the perfect perfumes unisex for you, so stay tuned to the following recommendations and discover the best selection in niche perfumery for all tastes: perfumes for womanperfumes for men y perfumes unisex.

What differentiates niche perfumes from other unisex perfumes?

The world of scents and the particular taste of each user is very subjective, but beyond this, there are a number of characteristics that unmistakably represent signature perfumes:

  1. Its elaboration:

We must be aware that the times and processes of creating a niche perfume are not the same as those used for a commercial fragrance. Many manual processes are involved here that have a direct impact on the quality of the fragrance, as well as on the volume produced.

The work and experience of the master perfumer, as well as his creative process and the creation of each scent, is something that influences every step and requires an unspecified time when generating a launch. This know-how of the creator is something that, unequivocally, cannot be replaced by the work of a machine.

  1. Its quality:

These times and this know-how are always accompanied by the use of natural essences of the highest quality. Very selected raw materials are used, first extraction or collected on a small scale and under the perfumer's careful supervision.

  1. Durability:

Together with the know-how and the quality of the raw materials used in each creation, we find not only unique and unconventional fragrances, but also long-lasting and unforgettable.

The result, in each case, is a unique perfume, with an exquisite scent, always long-lasting and with a much wider trail than that of a commercial fragrance.

  1. Its accessibility:

As a final point to their characteristics, niche perfumes are unique jewels and, like any jewel, their accessibility and commercialization is reduced, being directed to an exclusive and specialized public.

These fragrances are not sold in all cities, only in exclusive points of sale that meet the standards of the brands and with the necessary support so that the consumer can delve more safely into the world of perfumery.

Niche perfumery best sellers

As in commercial perfumery, in niche perfumery there are also best sellers that have undoubtedly left their mark on the most exclusive scents. Here are some examples of niche perfumes unisex:

  1. Delina de Parfums de Marly
  2. Féminin Pluriel de Maison Francis Kurkdjian
  3. Portrait of a Lady de Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle
  4. Rouge Extrait de Parfum de La Bouche Rouge
  5. Good Girl Gone Bad de Kilian Pariss
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