Minimalism for your skin

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Simplify your cosmetic routine and gain in wellness

Skinimalism' is the new beauty trend that reduces our home routine to a minimum but is still just as effective. We tell you everything you need to know

In most cases 'less is more', although as with everything in life, there are exceptions where being a minimalist is a challenge. Skinimalism' is much more than a trend, because "it has given a name to something that dermatologists have been doing for a long time: using the same product for different purposes," explains Lola Conejo-Mir, a dermatologist with the AEDV's GEDET (Spanish Aesthetic and Therapeutic Dermatology Group).

Reducing the cosmetic routine means simplifying and prioritizing

Habits have changed in terms of where the ingredients in our favorite products come from and whether we really need to undergo a long and complex beauty routine. We don't always have time to pamper ourselves (we wish we did!), but the little time we do have, we want to make the most of it. In addition, naturalness has burst with force and is one of the pillars of skinimalism. It's worth emphasizing that this more minimalist approach has several approaches: from using the right and necessary products without overloading the skin or generating deficiencies, to opting for multitasking products or products with sustainable packaging. "It's about discovering which cosmetics really work for you, your bank account and the environment," says Pedro Catalá, cosmetologist, doctor of pharmacy and creator of Twelve.. 

Layer upon layer' does not work

Using too many products can lead to pro-oxidant overhydration, which is not a good thing, as Pedro Catalá points out. "The vast majority of us follow a beauty routine with the goal of improving and maintaining healthier skin for longer, but this is not always achieved by applying layer after layer of products. Although trends often emerge that lead us to believe otherwise, overloading the skin with active ingredients or following a complex and excessive routine is often counterproductive, as it often leads to redness, irritation and in the worst cases, the skin barrier is weakened. Many of us end up overhydrating our skin or overdoing it with the use of antioxidants, which leads to the opposite, pro-oxidant action." In 'skinimalism' it is important to learn to listen to the skin and choose active ingredients based on the skin's needs, rather than following the latest 'beauty' trends on the networks. "Fewer products in the ritual, but more effective. We shorten our beauty routines, but without sacrificing the benefits and results on our skin. This trend is perfect for our day-to-day life," explains Inma Fernández, Marketing Director at Isolée.

In 'less is more', the expertise of a good formulator is key to a properly formulated product. They know which ingredients don't interact well, which ones have similar functions and which ones work synergistically. Lately, we don't wait long enough for them to work. In fact, most change routines frantically on a daily basis (which does nothing but leave skin super confused!).

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