Perfumes for women over 50

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Experts in the field give us all the tricks to choose scents with addictive notes and great power of fixation that are a sure hit. Because yes, the sense of smell evolves with age.

Why do teenagers like sweet scents and adults not so much?

Is it possible that the sense of smell evolves with age?

As we grow older, the body and the skin undergo changes. Skin density decreases; cell renewal slows down and dead cells on the skin surface increase; hydration decreases and there is a generalized dryness. And all these changes affect the diffusion of perfume. The reason? A perfume on the skin is affected by several factors: pH, its lipid layer (more or less oily skin), diet and perspiration. This is why it is always best to test fragrances on the skin and see how they evolve over the following hours.

Can we improve our ability to smell?

Yes, the sense of smell can be educated with exercises that help to keep our brain in shape. In the absence of raw materials, we can resort to our daily life. The first step is to pay attention to what we smell. If we focus on what we are smelling, we develop our sense of smell and our olfactory memory. It is about smelling in a conscious way, trying to identify the facets of the aroma we are perceiving. It is easier for us to recognize citrus raw materials, which are part of the formulas of fresh waters, because they are more volatile molecules that easily reach our olfactory receptors. Floral and fruity fragrances, although less volatile, are also easy for our receptors to recognize. The heavier molecules (woody, musks and resins) provide fixation to the fragrances.

Are there perfumes that are ideal for women in their 50s?

Our perfume says a lot about us, and we can say a lot through the fragrance we wear.

Although personal tastes are very much influenced by the scents that have marked childhood. Scents evoke emotions that we thought we had forgotten, and they come back to us with the same strength as when we first smelled them. And what about women over 50?

They have lived a childhood in which their mothers were faithful to a single fragrance throughout their lives. And there was no shortage of eau de cologne on their dressing tables. It is likely that these women, throughout their lives, have tried to find the fragrance that best defines them and that eau de cologne has always been part of their choice. Today, however, the concept of "olfactory closet" is being introduced. Depending on our mood, what we are going to do that day (go to work, to do sport), depending on the occasion (a meal with friends, an evening event) we choose one perfume or another.

To choose the best fragrance according to the occasion, it is advisable to turn to expert establishments that help us to translate the scent we are looking for into words.

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